How it Works! Frequently asked Q & A

Q: How do I register my child?
A: Complete a separate application form for each child…filling in all information, and return to the address on the form.

Q: What happens next?
A: You will be contacted with the offer of a desired sport, to check you would still like to do it, and then your childrens vouchers will be issued and delivered

Q: How long does it take
A: We are a small team of volunteers, admin is done as quickly as possible, but if you have not heard from us within 2-3 weeks please contact us…

Q: Why do we need vouchers?
A: These are very important. They are your means of payment, you are required to take one into each session to give to you provider. Your sports provider then uses them as their means of invoicing  us for payment for your childs sessions.

Q: Who pays for the sessions and events?
A: The Blerch Sporting Foundation team works very hard at fundraising throught the year to raise money to pay for the sessions and one off events that we hold.

Q: How do we hear about the one of events?
A: If an event includes a sport that your child has registered an interested in,  you will be emailed and offered a space, the onus is on you to check your emails. The event will then be advertised on our Face Book Page, so if your child has not noted an interest in the particular activity, but you would like to attend you may contact us. It is important that you check the page regularly for fun fund raising events and for the one off sports events.

We hope this helps. If you have any other questions please ask..

Blerch Sporting Foundation

Registered Charity Number 1166489